Business Coaches Need to Get on the Web

A couple weeks ago, a woman who recently graduated a training school, asked for advice on getting started with her online coaching business.

Though it’s really hard to provide such general information, there are a few classic things to take into account for new coaches and anyone beginning a creative organization. Here are five tips to begin.

1. Practice.

You have probably heard this a million times, but there is no better teacher than failure. You want to practice so as to incorporate what you’ve learned in college into your working life as a business coach.

Fail fast.

You do that by lowering your price at the start so as to reach more people, but do not work with anybody that you are not at least a 7 confident that you could help (on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the highest).

Taking notes and time can allow you to improve. Consider how you can improve after every new session and keep a journal of your progress and all of the insights that you have learned. It’s this type of discipline which will take you higher than you can possibly imagine.

2. Have a clear idea on who would you like to serve.


Many specialists and classes stress the idea of finding your perfect client, and while that it is indeed very important, you cannot manage to get stuck in perfectionism attempting to figure out who your ideal client is from the start so that you don’t ever have to do this again or so that you don’t lose months or even years of work targeting the “wrong” people.

Your perfect client avatar will change a whole lot in the beginning stages of your company. There’s no way on earth to understand precisely who your ideal client is till you have worked with at least a half-dozen customers.

Your main goal today is to practice and figure out the pieces of the puzzle as you go.


3. Content remains KING.


However much the web will change over the years, one thing will be continuous: if you want people to trust you and establish yourself as a professional, you want to offer value.

How you provide value is really your choice. Some people feel comfortable writing, some by shooting videos and others podcasting.

Do not underestimate the power of value that you offer at no cost. Ramit Sethi once said that offering amazing value for free (through e-books, free classes, challenges, articles, videos, etc.) will leave your audience wondering about how good your paid stuff actually is.

4. You are not alone in this.


You do not have to do everything by yourself. Request help by joining communities of individuals that are on the same journey as you and fight with pretty much the very same anxieties that you do. You’ll find some people have better skills, they might be good at computers and are able to make e-books etc. on their own.

Together we’re stronger.

Nevertheless, the best thing you can do for your mental health and company is to hire a business coach, and people will come to realise this through your website and your content. Try working with some well established business coaches in the beginning and do not underestimate the power of working with somebody who’s at a higher level than you because it is less about the details which you get access to, and more about surrounding yourself with this individual’s energy and network.


5. Get a professional site.


Yes, you can make a living from coaching with no website, but please stop for a moment and imagine how many people you might be impacting with a web site.

Without one, you can only affect your 1:1 customers, which is amazing, but how would you feel if your job could affect tens of thousands, hundreds and even thousands of people monthly through your posts, videos, courses, e-books etc.

A site is worth having even without considering all of the new doors which it opens for you to scale your business, make more money and meet fresh connections.

When you have a site, people perceive you differently. We can’t hide that the following statement is true “if you are not online, you do not exist”. Having a website gives you more confidence and can help you build trust with prospective customers.

When the time comes, a potential customer will, most often than not, select the coach with a web site.

For many of you, the whole idea of creating a site might be overwhelming, however, it’s really not that hard and it’s getting easier and easier every day. You have two choices: employ a professional to make a web site for you or make it yourself (there are an infinite number of tutorials on YouTube).

Bear in mind, time is on your side. Greatness takes time and that is okay, because we are in this for the future.