Devices To Keep Us Fit

Fitbit is a household name when it comes to fitness tracker technology and it provides options for everybody, from conducting specialists and exercise enthusiasts to people who only want to monitor how far they walk every day. We have seen the launch of the Fitbit Alta HR and Fitbit Ionic at 2017, while both the Fitbit Charge Two and Fitbit Flex 2 came out at the tail end of 2016. Products like the Fitbit Blaze and Surge sit in the top end of their Fitbit product range to maintain people that are in their exercise joyful, while there are also options like the Zip, Charge and Flex for people who need something a bit simpler. Searching for something different? Take a look below to find the best Fitbit fitness tracker or see for your requirements:

  1. Fitbit Charge two

The best fitness tracker you can purchase.

Display: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: No | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes, through telephone | Battery life: 4 times | Compatibility: Android/iOS/Windows

The ideal Fitbit is the Charge two, that has a much bigger screen in comparison to the initial Fitbit Charge and the Charge HR. It’s among the best fitness trackers you can use right now and features fitness features like a heartbeat tracker and guided breathing. There is also Multi-Sport tracking which lets you keep a track of outside runs, walking, weight training and a lot more exercises; especially for going for runs in your basketball apparel, the Fitbit will definitely then be stylish! Additionally, it connects with the GPS in your phone to keep track of your runs also. You won’t be able to use this at a pool, however, if you would like to go swimming with your tracker we would recommend taking a look at the Fitbit Flex 2.

  1. Fitbit Blaze

A strong wearable, but it will not set the world alight.

Display: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: No | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: No | Battery life: 5 times | Compatibility: Android/iOS/Windows

The Fitbit Blaze is the dark horse of the Fitbit family. This is one of those stranger apparatus on the roster because it seems like it is attempting to be the first smartwatch from Fitbit, but it is not. Regardless of the plan, the Fitbit Blaze remains a fitness tracker in heart. The plan is a bit quirky, but that may be something that you need to go for in an exercise tracker, especially for when you decide to run in your basketball shirts; this Fitbit is for you. The screen also offers up alarms for your text messages, but not for any other programs you might want to see. The Blaze does offer up a wide variety of new physical fitness attributes; such as SmartTrack, which will monitor your workout even when you have not told the wearable what you are going to do, letting you burn through those calories efficiently.

  1. Fitbit Surge

Fitbit’s GPS-touting ‘superwatch’.

Display: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: No | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: Yes | Battery life: 3 times | Compatibility: Android/iOS/Windows

The Surge is now longer the most expensive wearable in Fitbit’s secure, and it has since been replaced the smartwatch concentrated iconic, but it can nevertheless be picked up in a couple of places. The Fitbit Surgeincludes GPS technology built in, which means that you can take it out without needing to keep your phone in your pocket while you’re jogging. It has a heart rate monitor and a traditional watch-like design that a number of the additional Fitbit products do not offer.

  1. Fitbit Alta HR

Fitbit’s most trendy tracker, now with Additional HR readings.

Display: Yes | Heart rate tracker: Yes | Waterproof: No | Activity tracking: Yes | GPS: No | Battery life: 7 days | Compatibility: Android/iOS/Windows

The Fitbit Alta HR takes the slim, stylish Fitbit Alta and jams a heart rate monitor into its slim frame, without bulking it up. Where the first Alta feels a little light on features, and like it places form over function, the Alta HR is an admirable tracker that goes beyond basic step monitoring, but one which still looks great. It is still not the most feature-packed, but it strikes a great balance and is the type of thing you will be delighted to wear 24/7 (besides when swimming – this is not waterproof), which can be convenient, since it may also monitor your sleep, and the heart rate monitor helps there too. With basic message and telling alarms pulled out of your smartphone and an almost week long battery life also, it is well worth considering if you do not require the features – or do not need the majority – of something like the Fitbit Surge.

  1. Fitbit Flex 2

The Flex 2 is a great budget Exercise tracker.

Size: Two dimensions | Screen: N/A | Weight: N/A | Compatibility: Android, iOS | Battery: 5 times | Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0

Do you need a fitness tracker that’s simple to use and uncomplicated? The Fitbit Flex 2 could be the ideal device for you. It is the only watertight Fitbit, so you will have the ability to use this while swimming and monitor how great your dips in the pool are moving. It is a touch more affordable than the Fitbit Charge 2 too, so it can be the ideal new Fitbit tracker for you.