Protect your home from burglary with SOS system

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Everyone should be concerned about their home security. It is more than just the material things you are securing. The home of your family, your personal well-being and heirlooms. The type of security system you get will all depend on the concerns you have regarding your homes like burglary, floods and fire. Do you know about using GPS and SOS device system in order to keep your home and possessions safe from anyone wanting to break in? protect your valuables and your home with the latest SOS system technology and steer criminals away from your home once and for all.

SOS security  

As it is important to choose a security provider that will ensure that your home and assets are kept safe. SOS systems are a great security option as they offer state-of-the-art home security systems that can be customised to your specific needs and all for an affordable price. The team have over 15 years of experience protecting what is important to you. The staff are very knowledgeable and dedicated to making your experience a pleasant one. They offer 24/7 service and are always there when you need them.

SOS Security Positives

One thing that stands out from the rest is their pricing. You always know exactly what you are paying them.

The kit comes with home automation that has featured in the technology Honeywell Total Control 2.0 app. That way you can control and monitor the security features all from your mobile phone. The SOS personal alarm or system home automation has the z-wave communication protocol that means it is compatible with other home automation technology. There is an emergency response feature for those who have limited mobility and other types of medical conditions. If you suffer a break-in it can be a very traumatic experience that can have lasting negative effects.
You should feel safe in your home and the children should not feel scared to go to sleep at night.


SOS mobile alarm is where you can anywhere and know that help is just a press of a button. This can keep you safe at home but also while you are out. The SOS alarm connects to Telstra network and has a sim card that is already installed. It has a built-in GPS where five emergency contacts can be notified once you press the button. If you hear someone breaking into your home, you just need to press the button and if you have 000 as a contact if will notify them that you are requiring assistance. Get the thieves caught in the act before they have the chance to steal any of your personal items or cause damage to your home.

Defender 24/7

This is a personal protection system that gives you 24/7 monitoring alerts for your safety, medical and law enforcement. It connects straight to your smartphone and it has an integrated camera that will forward the criminal’s photo onto the law enforcement. The device can track the GPS location and dispatch the required help to your location. It will even emit a loud siren to attract attention.

While having precautions in places like the SOS system and GPS it is also important to lock your house at all times and ensure all possessions are out of sight.