Registering into a real estate website- Do’s and Don’ts

Professional website

Before you go and buy vacant land or a home you need to be aware of a range of problems that can impose restrictions and obligation when you purchase it. Here we have a list that can help you to identify whether certain issues are going to be worrisome to you. You may need to take up professional advice to answer certain questions you may have. It is always better to have a well-validated structure and plan when it comes to moving into or owning a new place in a comparatively unfamiliar location. Find out how to steer clear from the unexpected and how to move towards a better experience hereon:

The sellers and agents need to make their checklist ready for potential buyers of land or homes. 

Agents and sellers need to do the following:

  • Ensure there are copies of the checklists available at an open inspection
  • Include links to the webpage for the due diligence checklist and include copies that are maintained by the seller if there is no estate agent acting on behalf of the seller.
  • If accessing the real estate options through a website, make sure you have various features activated such as GPS locator system which sends you an alert for when a house in your preferred locality is open for inspection or those which provide options within 5km radius from where you are.
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Urban living

The high-density areas are good for entertainment and service areas, but these can increase the traffic and noise along with odours from people using BBQ etc. You can familiarise yourself with the area, so you get an understanding of what happens within the area. If you’re someone extremely cautious about safety and security of the place, its best to find those areas in the urban vicinity where security through personal alarm system and surveillance camera are topmost priority and are set up with fully functioning facilities and are followed up on periodically.

Buying into corporations 

If a property is connected to a subdivision with some common property such as grounds and driveways, this may be subject to the owner’s corporation. You may need to pay a fee and there may be rules you need to follow such as no pets or no smoking.

The growth areas

You need to investigate if you need to pay a growth area infrastructure fee. You can contact the biodiversity conservation and department of land, water and planning to get any details about the property or land you are interested in to engage in DIY property sales rather than rely on an agent or a buyer’s advocate for the details.

Fire and flood risk

Sometimes properties are subject to flooding and fire due to where they are located. You can investigate the risks and take into consideration for land management, insurance premiums and buildings.

Groundwater and soil contamination

You need to consider that the past activities like the use of adjacent land may have contaminated the site and this may prevent you from doing things to the land or even building on it. You can go to the environment protection authority website to check if sites have any contamination.

Tablet browsing

Setting up alerts

Face it we don’t have time to be getting online every hour or so and checking whether there are any new properties been adding.
When you register for a real estate website which involves no commission, you can get automatic notifications of new listings sent to your phone while you are on the go through a GPS alert system or a sound notification providing the exact details you’re waiting for. This ensures that you don’t miss any properties that are matching your criteria and you certainly don’t need to be logging onto the real estate website every few hours.

Know exactly what type of home you want, where you want it and things you wish to be included, like a certain amount of bedrooms, pool, spa, big backyard, no backyard etc. this will make it easier as when you sign up and search for home you will be asked to refine your search based on what features you want etc. This reduces the number of search results you get. Instead of searching through hundreds without a pool when you want one you can just search for the homes with pools etc. You won’t need to enter too many personal details, but they will need your mobile number and your name in order to contact you with upcoming homes. They regard your privacy at its best. Hence you need not worry about being bothered with spammy calls and messages at odd times and can expect positive and prompt responses from your interested properties. This raises your chances of finding a home or property best suited for your needs in the most time-efficient and cost-effective manner.