Digital Age

Many businesses have fallen due to lockdowns and restrictions imposed, and it’s undeniable that these are the ones who snubbed the idea of investing on having some minimum online experience. Or they just didn’t believe the impact it could give their company.

With consumers’ fear of acquiring the COVID-19 virus, it’s almost impossible for businesses, who never had an online presence, to thrive. As transactions went online, restaurants were able to make use of delivery platforms like DoorDash, Uber Eats, and any local food delivery services. Education was delivered the same way, not to mention, a bunch of banking operations and payment schemes have flourished due to transitioning to digital platforms. 

Don’t get left behind as going online becomes the way for just about anything. Here are some takeaway tips for you as you take your business into the digital age.

Learn as much as you can.

The best investment you can ever make is in yourself. While there are a lot of how-to’s made available on the internet, a little application here and there won’t hurt. The best way to start is to build your website. It takes a lot of courage to do so since it can get complicated. Having a background at least on how to link your website with your bank will help. Grasp as much information on how to run it safely and securely. Know the dos and don’ts of putting a business online as many cases of identity theft occur due to the sloppy, poorly-thought terms and conditions. A good starting point for knowledge is a digital festival where you can learn about innovative technologies that can help to propel your business into the digital world.

Pay allegiance to social networking.

There’s a lot to benefit from social platforms. Ads can be generated by a community that would follow you, helping you out with what traditional marketing would cost millions. It’s in your advantage if you know how to (or somebody to do so) get the context on how to generate ‘content’ using these social platforms. Social marketing feeds the digital age. And almost everybody that you see in public is hooked in the very tool it lives in, the mobile phones. Ads have gone mobile as social platforms reign. 

Make your website user-friendly.

Online Shopping

There are so many businesses online that remain unaccomplished because their platform was made too complicated. Understanding how short a person’s attention span, shifting from 12 seconds in 2000 to just 8 seconds in 2018, should give you an idea that the longer a potential buyer reaches that call-to-action button, the greater the chance a sale won’t happen. If you can secure a purchase in just three clicks, why not? So pay attention to how enticing your interface is and spend time optimising it.

Make the data work for you.

As you mold your online presence into something better, you have to hail data monitoring. It shows you a consumers’ purchasing behaviour. Study what products are a hit through the sales. Conduct surveys that will show you when they get paid: if it’s cash on delivery, or they’d rather pay by credit. And overall, you have to keep it safe, secure from hackers, so that you wouldn’t get sued in any way.

Keep it fresh.

There’s only one way to always be on top – and that is to keep it fresh. Do reactionary business depending on the data you have. Attend a startup conference in order to gain fresh ideas and get some fresh inspiration. With the demographics, such as the majority of the age group that makes the sales up, which gender is it more attractive to, and if it has a global appeal, you can generate new ideas to saturate more buyers. Media has become more powerful than ever before because of the sharing capabilities, hashtags, and direct approach. Ads, nowadays, talk directly to the consumers and are generated more easily than before. It can be targeted to a specific locale, to target gender and age. So its impact should resonate.

Success is earned and does not come on a silver platter. Give it time and effort, and you’ll find out that going online doesn’t require a lot of money compared to the old ways of putting out ads on TV, billboards, and transportation. So take advantage of the digital age’s ease. Get your brand out there, and start today.